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ساعات قديمه مستعمله للبيع, The video below shows sweet illustrations of how to draw using a 3D pen. They work quite similarly to a hot glue gun but instead of pushing hot glue out, you get a plastic which hardens pretty quickly. It seems like magic at first, but after you get the hang of it, you realize how cool and useful they can really be. Whether you need an entertaining and creative way to occupy kids, or want to join up two pieces of broken plastic together, it is pretty versatile. We touched above on how not to let your expectations run away with you but there is no doubt you can still make cool things with your new 3D pen. One thing we like to see them used for is to enhance learning. If you're a beginner, you'll love how lightweight and easy to hold it is. If you're experienced with 3D pens, meanwhile, you'll like the useful speed and temperature controls, and the clear OLED display. While these 3D pens do offer their own branded materials they are often 300 percent more expensive than standard filament rolls. The 3Doodler Start is a wireless pen that's designed for kids from six and up. That means the controls are kept to the minimum, and everything's been subjected to the strictest safety testing. As with other 3Doodler pens, you're restricted to the manufacturer's own range of filaments, but the basic pack comes with 48 strands to get you going, in eight different colours. Each strand offers 60 inches' worth, so you'll be able to make a lot of models before you need to buy more. As far as the user experience of an adult, or a professional is considered, it is a bit different as compared to the experience for children. It’s also charged by micro USB, so there’s no need to be plugged in when in use – an ideal wireless option. Yes, 3D pens really work, if what you want to do is create a 3D model by hand. If you want to create a 3D model based on a pre-existing design, though, you need a 3D printer. Evolution of this technology is easy to explain by comparing plastic and cool ink pens. The stencils that come with the doodler look like they’d be great for beginners (I thought most of them were a little simple, but I wasn’t exactly a beginner when I picked this pen up). Looking through them, it looks like they’d work really well for introducing new users to the different techniques that are used to draw 3-dimensional objects. While there are a lot of similarities between 2D and 3D drawing, adding that 3rd dimension does require – or allow for, depending on your perspective – some changes. Basic printing with a 3D pen is easy, but mastering the skills required to create anything other than gloopy, ‘home made’ objects takes time and patience. As such, we recommend brand-agnostic 3D pens, if possible, as costs are lower over the long term and you have more choice of filament colors and finish. It also happens to feel comfortable in hand despite the low price and cheaper construction quality than more expensive 3D pen options.

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