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zastita za opruge trampolin, The Create+ puts out steady, even strands of plastic as you draw. The lines solidify quickly and stay put when you draw over them; most other pens grab onto still-soft filament and drag it along, warping your drawing. We appreciate that instead of having to hold a button down to extrude the plastic, you just press once, which adds to this pen’s comfort for long periods of drawing. We did not test a third-party brand but in theory, any PLA or ABS filament should work as long as you get the correct size. Pen, a filament kit of 20 colors at 5m each, and several stencils to help you get started. The pen itself comes in bright blue and feels nice to hold, though there’s no doubt that it’s a little lower grade than some of the pricier options on our list. Having variable temperature controls allows for extrusion of other materials with different melting points. MYNT3D shows its temperature in sharp, bright OLED, controllable to the degree by two + - buttons. Its screen is brighter and sharper than all the other pens we tested. After testing two kid-safe pens with the help of a panel made up of four children, we think the 3Doodler Start is the best option for anyone under age 12. The 3Doodler Start has a cool-to-the-touch tip and makes use of special plastic that comes out of the pen at a cooler temperature so kids can draw and mold however they choose. The 3Doodler Create+ offers the best overall drawing experience for people ages 12 and older who want to start working with 3D pens. After 1.5 hours of working with the 3D pen, turn it off for half an hour to allow the pen to cool down. Ideal for the true hobbyist who wants to take their 3D drawing with the 3D pen to the next level. The pen comes with three pieces of PLA Filaments and can be used with 1.75 mm PLA, ABS and PETG filament. It comes with 3 different colors of ABS filament to get you started. Very easy to use and create models with, doesn’t need files, software, motors etc. CreoPop is a venture-backed company based in Singapore, and their product might change the future of 3D Pens. Variety of Plastics included– The Create is sold with 50 different types of plastic. As with all 3 Doodler 3D pens, the Create is very simple and intuitive. Here is a list of features which help separate the Create from its competitors. Actually, the pen which I received from them for reviewing purpose worked like a charm and it is still working. Gives you all the basics in an attractive, and competitive price tag. Every wednesday, receive a recap of the latest 3D printing news straight to your inbox. It is slightly larger in size than the 3Doodler but scores slightly higher in comfort. We found this compact 3D pen to have the most responsive controls. It delivers an excellent user experience and comes with great instructions, plus additional documentation is available. In fact, it’s the slowest pen of any we tested because you have to move slowly and wait for lines to dry completely before attempting to draw over them again. There’s also the fact that wasting strands by playing is going to cost money to refill. If you have any thoughts or suggestions, leave us a comment below and remember to share this post with your friends by clicking one of the handy social media sharing buttons. If you're running on a budget, the Techboss 3D Pen is our recommendation. You can check out other low-cost pens in our list of Best Cheap 3D Pens. Button placement is frustrating, with both the load and unload buttons much too close to each other. We hit the wrong button too many times, causing slips and mess ups. Not only that, it is also the only pen out of the bunch without a speed control. One unique feature is that the loading button can be switched to either continuous or momentary mode. Another model of 3D pen that we’ve seen with different branding, Sunlu is not only the cheapest in price, but also of design and construction. Off the bat, its biggest drawback is that it only uses PLA plastic. Stepless Speed Slider Control – One speed isn’t good enough for a car and the same is true for a 3-D pen. That’s why the MYNT3D printing pen allows you to crank up the extrusion speed for larger areas and turn it down to create intricate work of arts. Its stepless speed slider is designed to let you dial the optimal speed with ease. I’m pleased to tell you that a 3D printing pen set is not expensive.

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