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láthatósági pamut pulóver, Your pup has to scratch and nudge to get these nobs out of their notches. Luckily, the entire toy is made of chew-resistant bamboo, so it'll stand up to Fido's attempts to tear it to pieces. These ridge and valley bowls can prolong your dog's eating and can be used with dry, canned, or raw foods. I love that there is no added sugar in this peanut butter, and that they have three flavors to pick from. "If your dog spends most of his or her day alone in the house, puzzle toys are a great way for your dog to while away the hours until your return," Bragdon says. The engagement could be just the thing to break destructive habits that can occur when your dog is home alone and bored. This is a great beginner puzzle toy for dogs new to the concept, with an easy to medium difficulty level. Four different levels offer increased difficulty once your dog masters each puzzle. Use the instructional booklet for some training tips and tricks that will enhance the way you play together. Next up, it’s important to consider the difficulty level when buying a dog puzzle for your furry friend. It’s always a good idea to start off easy and work your way up as their tolerance levels build organically. Patience is key—once your dog has mastered an easier game and no longer finds it challenging or fun, you’ll know it’s time to level up. However, the best puzzle toys for dogs aren’t just about giving your a break. They are a great way to ensure your dog’s mental and physical health, not to mention stimulate their happy hormones and make them more trainable. Hide goodies in this wooden puppy puzzle toy, and your dog finds them by sliding the wooden disks. Perfect for keeping them mentally stimulated, and makes a good crate training accompaniment. And just like kids, it is usually when they are bored that dogs get into trouble. An engaging puzzle toy will distract your dog from other potential toys, such as your favorite pair of shoes. Similar in look to a hamster exercise ball, this food- or treat-dispensing dog toy drops one piece at a time as your dog pushes it and rolls it around. The 3-inch size is perfect for smaller dogs (although it’s not recommended for toy breeds under 10 pounds). Keep in mind that it doesn’t roll as well on hard floors as it does on carpet or rugs, but it can provide hours of entertainment for energetic pups. Stimulate your dog’s hunting instinct with this brain buster featuring their favorite backyard friend – that elusive squirrel. A large, plush tree trunk is stuffed with six fluffy, squeaky squirrels. Your dog will have to maneuver their nose into that trunk in just the right way if they want to get a hold of one of those prized squirrels. Once they sniff out all the critters, put them back and start all over again! The Level 3 Nina OttossonChallenge Slideris already a fan favorite among dog puzzle lovers.

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