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piros leander, This puzzle toy is more play, less work; so it may be a better fit for dogs who need mental stimulation but are easily frustrated by more challenging toys. Kibble is sporadically doled out from three inner chambers via the Treat Meter, producing a pleasant surprise for your dog as they bounce the barnacle around. If this is your dog’s first time with an interactive food puzzle toy, or the toy is much different than what your dog is used to, then they may need a little assistance at first. You may need to start with an easier toy, such as one that takes a simple nudge to get the food out. Puzzle toys are one of the best and most convenient ways to work a dog's brain. While they come in a variety of forms, each puzzle toy challenges a dog to locate and eat food hidden inside. Completing the job doesn't just bust boredom or provide a distraction when quiet time is needed, it can actually make a dog calmer and more relaxed overall. The puzzle stimulates your dog’s mind and requires your dog to maneuver the levers to reveal the dog treats. Look for puzzle toys with adjustable difficulty levels that allow owners to increase the challenge to make the puzzle tougher! The best interactive dog toys include unique features that peak your pup’s interest like unusual sounds from dog squeeker toys, movements and contents. The unusual sounds created by interactive dog toys like squeakers, sound cards or crinkled plastic from dog crinkle toys stimulate and excite your pup’s mind. Interactive toys often inspire movement like toys that bounce, have dangling parts or consist of various textures. You might have noticed by now that we’ve featured several toys in the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound collection. They’re high quality, get great reviews by dog owners, and are an all-around puzzle toy go-to. For dogs looking to level up, this tricky puzzle toy will keep them engaged as they search for hidden treats or kibble. You can adjust to increase difficulty once your dog has successfully mastered the first level. The answer comes down to your dog’s natural chewing instincts. While this instinct isn’t wrong, in and of itself, it can be destructive if your doggo doesn’t have the right dog chews and toys. Smaller dogs need a toy that is small enough for them to engage with. For example, some weighted toys that your dog needs to push over in order to release treats can just be too heavy for small dogs to use. If your dog is a fast learner and you need a toy that will keep up with them, then the IQ is the ideal puzzle toy. This toy is designed for small to medium dogs, with only two sizes, three or four inch diameter. If you are looking for a puzzle toy that will adapt as your dog learns, then the IQ Treat Ball is designed for you. You don’t have to participate in an AKC Scent Work trial to have fun with your dog’s nose. All you need is a set of empty containers like shoeboxes or yogurt tubs. Place the containers in a group on the floor and bait one or a few with smelly treats. Then allow your dog to sniff all the containers in a search for the hidden treasure. Because these cardboard dispensers are destructible, ensure your dog doesn’t eat the bits of cardboard that fall off. As with any puzzle toy, these are meant to be used under supervision. This Tricky Treat Ball by Omega Paw is available in three sizes which caters to the needs of all size dogs. This ball looks like a regular ball but with tricky-to-find treats. There are various different puzzle toys available to buy on the market to cater to all needs. Puzzle toys keep your dog occupied for hours and contain treats within them which keeps them interested.

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