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veste de fas dama, Be prepared to reward it with a treat immediately as it goes anywhere near the mat. It is not necessary for it to sit or lie down at this point as all you are doing is encouraging your dog to get on to the mat. As puppies grow up, we recommend introducing interactive training sessions as part of their daily learning. As well as being super fun and easy, they will become extremly useful skills to have in day to day life. Once your dog is standing completely on the mat, you can ask your dog to ‘SIT’. Bridge immediately and reward by tossing a treat onto the mat. Don’t be concerned if your dog fails some of the exercises as this simply means that it doesn’t get the reward and will have to work harder. Keep the sessions timed starting with just a couple of minutes. Start with a few repetitions of the puppy going to the mat and standing on it with all four feet whilst you are standing close. After the first couple of goes, when it gets on the mat, ask it to ‘down’ or ‘drop’ depending on the word that you have used in training. If it doesn’t after the first request, call it off the mat and try again rather than repeat the command. Shaping encourages your dog to offer lots of different behaviors. – placing a medium-value treat on the mat each time you mark. When your dog goes to mat and lies down, wait one second and then click and treat. Then, stretch to two seconds, then three, and continue to build that duration slowly so that you aren’t asking for more than your dog is ready to give. Reward as normal when it gets back on the mat but this time wait two seconds and if it doesn’t move, reward again. Call it off the mat again, let it get back on and reward; then wait three seconds and reward again. Slowly continue to increase the length of time it stays in the down position on the mat before giving its second reward. To begin duration work, go back to being close to the puppy and go through the process of getting it on the mat and then lying down. Once it has received its first reward in the down position, wait about one second and then, if it stays lying on the mat, reward it again. As your puppy becomes accustomed to using their indoor potty area, gradually move it closer to the outside potty area to work on training them to go to the desired destination. I have 2 dogs and a cat and none of them want to be on my new couches with the mats. The mats aren't painful, I've sat on them to test them and they're just uncomfortable so you're pets are safe.

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