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nebbia leginy bazar, If the crate is too large, your puppy can use one end as a toilet which will delay potty training. Once it gets on the mat and lies down, give it a reward and then move away to get on with the kitchen duties. If the pup stays on the mat, immediately go back and reward and then get back on to what you were doing in the kitchen. When that connection is made, you can say the word anytime and the dog will trot quickly to the mat. In the next video example, I place the mat between me and the young pup and then toss a treat on the other side of the mat. I knew the puppy was likely to turn and move back toward me after grabbing his treat, so I placed the mat where he is almost guaranteed to step on. Teaching a dog to Place is one of my top five go-to skills to teach any and every dog. Dogs are attracted to the smell of previous business, so thorough and proper cleaning is essential. Keep a bowl or bag of treats beside the potty area so you are always prepared. Use a long leash if you are having trouble keeping your puppy in sight. Tie the leash to heavy furniture or around your waist to limit your puppy’s movements. For example, a toy breed might need more frequent potty breaks due to a fast metabolism and tiny bladder. Now, move farther from the mat and invite your dog to follow you. Mark and reward your dog if she returns to the mat; don’t hold out for a down.12.Finally, you need to add distractions and generalize the behavior. Practice sending your dog to her mat in the face of kindergarten-level distractions – jump once, jump twice, clap your hands…. Gradually work up to college level, where you can send her to her mat even with kids running through the house or while food is being prepared in the kitchen. Potty training a new puppy can be difficult if you don't know what to do, but there are several aids you can use to help your puppy go potty where you want it to go. Using potty pads is one way to help teach your puppy where it is appropriate to use the bathroom. Keep the potty pad in the same place until your puppy starts going to the potty pad by itself. Help your dog value the mat by association before you even begin formal training. When I’m watching TV, relaxing on the sofa or working on my computer, I place the mat nearby. I invite my dog to lay on the mat and slowly, calmly and steadily drop treats around him. Sometimes I feed his entire meal just by dribbling pieces of kibble around him while he is on the mat. With enough repetition, you will be able to ask your puppy to go where and when it’s convenient for you, including in the outdoor toilet area. Walk him to the potty pad on a leash and only unclip him after he’s done his business. For very young puppies, it could be as often as every 15 minutes. She will learn to eat when her food is available, and be less likely to have accidents during the day. When the dog is successful, start to move closer until you are standing next to it and put the biscuit on the floor without it getting off the mat to grab it.

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