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rolling stones retro tee, The design concepts of the flame lantern, the demonstration cauldron, the logo for the torch relay and the torchbearers' uniforms, all of which drew inspiration from Chinese culture and traditions, were also unveiled at Wednesday's ceremony. Witnessed by organizers, sports figures, performers and students, the flame-housed in a red lantern-drew crowds of onlookers as it was escorted by volunteers into a ceremony held at Beijing's Olympic Tower. The flame arrived early on Wednesday after being flown from Greece, the birthplace of the Olympics, where it was lit two days earlier. "What I benefited most from my studies at the Central Academy of Drama is a practice called observing life. I practiced it for the entire four years of college life," Jiang Wen recalled. He played an old husband in the theatrical production of his graduating year. "Their prices have gone up compared to last year, but they are still cheaper than the imported ones." Over the past decade, Egyptian merchants used to import plastic technology-based lanterns from China. Egypt has suffered an economic recession in the past few years which have been rife with political turmoil and related security issues, leading the country to adopt strict reform plans, austerity measures, local currency floatation and energy subsidy cuts. However, she said she must buy them since it has been an inherited custom for most of Egyptian Muslims. Checking a small red and blue lantern, the retired lady said Ramadan would be meaningless without buying lanterns for little kids. In the North Square of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, many tourists and citizens gathered in front of the Spring Festival in Xi’an, Most Cultural and Traditional City in China light groups, and took photos to record Xi’an New Year. He is considered among the Fifth Generation of Chinese filmmakers, having made his directorial debut in 1987 with "Red Sorghum." The heart-shaped Wishing Wall is the best place for couples to take photos at night. "We should also develop a way of telling stories that audiences like, otherwise it's impossible to have an effective dialogue and communication," said Rao Shuguang. He added that those expecting a good performance in overseas markets should follow common communication rules no matter on what operation level or stage of the process. Modern mass communication is audience-centered instead of disseminator-centered, so the characteristics and psychology of audiences are taken more seriously. Some Chinese films neglect the differences in culture and expression, which makes overseas audiences confused, even excluded and resentful. Chinese producers would never make a panda a Kung Fu master, as it was an unthinkable match with the cultural image the panda represents. People's Daily hailed the museum's first opening at nightas another innovative way to promote traditional culture. "Creativity makes the 600-year-old Palace Museum younger and draws traditional culture closer to the public," the newspaper said. Many netizens who failed to get a ticketvented their frustrationsonline, urging the Palace Museum tore-open its ticket system.

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